One Day On Site Training Course: The Remarkable You

webgrafix one day coursesThis one day course is compiled for business owners and staff, sales teams, call centre personnel and team leaders.

The course is about commitment to being the best you can possibly be and therefore contributing to creating a remarkable personal life,  business competency and enjoyable productive workplace: To be able to create and manage the vital balance between your personal and work life:

The course consists of five modules, each designed to compliment the other thus creating the perfect success strategy to you to impliment:

During the action filled day we will cover:

  • Implimenting  the GOYA effect:
  • Personal and Business Possibility Planning:
  • Self leadership and Management:
  • Business and Relationship Development:
    1. Fixing the perimeter fence
    2. Getting new customers and keeping them forever
    3. Commercial Partnerships
    4. The seven critcal sales shifts
    5. Reputation Management in  the Social Media Age

Your own personal and business life strategy planing book and worksheets to take away

Lunch, morning and afternoon teas included:

On Site Local Business Mentor Program

webgrafix Local Business mentoringSuccessful merchant banker and on and off line business relationship and systems expert Richard Crooks will attend your business for 15 hours each week and cover:

  • Correct Staffing and Financial Structure
  • Correct Systemisation and Processes
  • Financial Management
  • Business and Relationship Management
  • On and Off Line Reputation Management
  • The link between your on site and off site relationship management
  • Properly structured and optimised website and the importance of  mobile friendly search capability


After an initial audit of your business structures and systems, business and relationship development plans and your website we will set up a program to make your business and staff truly remarkable: Streamlined and lean: Get more leads, more conversions and increased profitable revenues: We will spend 15 hours per week at your place with your people for however long it requires to future proof your business: We will estimate how long during the initial audit:

This  investment in your business future represents excellent value and will repay itself many times over.

Payment is by invoice weekly in arrears for the duration of the mentorship and change implementation:

Contact us today for a free initial consultation – You have absolutely nothing to lose